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Business Advice

If you’re a business owner, then having a vigorous, effective financial plan is essential for identifying blind spots in your business finances, as well as potential opportunities. JDP have a wealth of financial knowledge and expertise to support your business in this regard, giving you bespoke, specialist advice to maximise your success.

Corporate benefit packages

If you can offer current and prospect staff a competitive benefits package, then this puts your business in a strong position to attract and retain staff. JDP can fashion a bespoke solution which fits with your objectives as an employer, and also accommodates your employees’ expectations. This might take the form, for instance, of a menu system or a specific structure.

A number of areas you may wish to consider and where we can help include:

  • Group Pension Schemes
  • Personal Accounts and the impact on your organisation
  • Stakeholder Pension requirements
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Group Death In Service Schemes
  • Group Income Replacement / Permanent Health Insurance
  • Staff benefit packages

Ownership transfer

When you’ve built a business up, it can be daunting to think of handing over control to new management. Even to a family member. However, early planning for succession is usually the key to continuing success of the business.

If you’re looking to navigate the complex field of buying and selling businesses, the best advice can be found from those who’ve done it themselves.

Here, JDP can guide you through the tax implications leading up to and at the point of sales. We can also guide you through the decision-making process, and help identify potential pitfalls. Furthermore, we can also make necessary introductions if other professionals are required as part of the ownership transfer.

Business coaching

Experience counts for a lot when running a business. Making use of it can save a great deal of time and money. We can help you to develop effective management strategies and make realistic business decisions. Whether you are thinking about starting a business, or you are established and need some guidance regarding the next step, we are able to help.


Ownership protection

If you’ve ever lost a shareholding director or partner, you will be aware of the major impact this has on the remaining business owners. The implications for control and continuing success are substantial, so it is wise to put protection arrangements in place ahead of time.

JDP can help you devise and implement these arrangements, reflecting the unique needs of your business as well as stakeholders. Our competence also extends to reviewing your existing arrangements periodically, ensuring the plans you have in place continue to reflect your requirements.