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Lifestyle Planning

There are opportunities to be found which can maximise your savings and cash flow. The key is knowing how and where to look. Our advisers at JDP are not interested in pushing financial products. Rather, we assess your income and expenditure patterns to help you achieve your financial goals. From here, we provide our recommendations based upon a robust, bespoke financial plan incorporating tailored investments.

How much is enough?

A lot of people would like the opportunity to do what they really love. The fear of running out of money is typically the major constraint holding us back.

If you want to determine how much will be enough, then this is an area JDP can help you identify. Our assessment will help discern whether the time to act is now, or which further steps are required to move you closer to your goal.

This concept can also help if you’re trying to identify a figure for a financial settlement, as well as what this means to you in real terms.

Gifting strategies

Many of us are eager to help our family members financially. The feeling becomes even greater if we discover that an inheritance liability could potentially be reduced.

However, establishing exactly how much you can give away is difficult, particularly when you don’t know how much you will need in the future.

With JDP, our lifestyle planning service can help you identify how much you will need for your remaining years. This allows us to calculate the amount you could afford to gift.

Please bear in mind there are arrangements available which allow you to maintain an income and/or apply conditions having made the gift. These factors have historically also been barriers to making the gift in the first place.