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Divorce is usually one of the most traumatic and stressful events in anyone’s life. Leaving aside the emotional distress and practical family issues involved, sorting out the finances can be a daunting prospect. JDP have extensive knowledge in helping clients through the financial turmoil, often helping to improve the settlement.

Financial issues

Divorce is emotionally shattering and financially bewildering. At JDP, we are well rehearsed at identifying the impact of any proposed monetary settlement. Our advisers can also help you identify levels of maintenance required.

Whatever your circumstances, our advisers work closely with your solicitor to ensure a coordinated, comprehensive solution which meets your needs.

Pension sharing

After the family home, pension arrangements usually represent the largest asset involved in divorce proceedings.

This is an area where our advisers become crucial. Pensions themselves are a complicated area and are difficult for individuals to comprehend at the best of times. However, divorce complicates matters further. Sharing pensions is usually considered as an option for part of the financial settlement.

Unfortunately, other complexities emerge due to the different annuity rates for men and women. Age and health also play a part in the calculations. Many legal firms themselves require the advice of a qualified Independent Financial Adviser to help guide them through the issues.

If a pension sharing order is made, then the implementation will usually require further advice. JDP are specialists in this area. Having dealt with many complicated issues in the past regarding pensions, we can help to identify potential issues before, during and after settlement.