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Family Protection

None of us wants to leave our loved ones financially at risk. Yet many people do not have adequate protection. At JDP we are adept at putting together the most suitable strategy to ensure your beneficiaries have sufficient resources to maintain their standard of living.

Family cover

A premature family death is not only devastating emotionally but also financially. Although the pain cannot be avoided in this situation, thankfully there are ways to shield our loved ones from the financial suffering.

JDP can arrange cover to cover liabilities such as your Mortgage. This will allow for its repayment, thereby removing the financial burden for those who are left behind. You can also provide cover to replace income lost by your spouse and/or family. The term of the plan, the level of cover required and the budgets available are all areas of significant importance.

If you already have Life Insurance in place, our team of advisers can review your existing arrangements. This ensures that they still fit with your requirements for the best price and quality. The end result is to tailor a solution which meets your personal circumstances and objectives.

Income replacement

One of the biggest threats to your income is your health. Without income, moreover, your entire lifestyle is at risk. A debilitating illness brings emotional trauma, but it can also devastate your financial position if it also prevents you from earning a living.

Further financial pressure is likely should a partner or loved one have to give up work to look after you. Fortunately, there are ways to still provide a regular income until you are well enough to work again, or reach retirement age.

It is possible to tailor the level of income replacement (within limits) to meet your needs taking into account any potential benefits the state may provide. JDP will save you time and money by searching the Income Protection products available within the entire UK marketplace for you, finding the most suitable policy for your circumstances.

Critical illness

When you are first told you have a Critical Illness, it comes as emotionally shattering news. As with income replacement plans, this type of protection is intended to compensate for a loss of revenue.

Unlike income replacement plans, however, it is usually paid as a tax-free lump sum on diagnosis of a specified Critical Illness. In this scenario, you can use the capital to address a number of issues, including payment of liabilities such as a mortgage, private treatment or modifications to the home. It is also possible to propose the inclusion of Total and Permanent Disability benefit.

Our advisers at JDP can help you assess which level of cover you should have in place. We can also provide an indication of the amount available if you are on a budget.

Relieving financial pressure can grant you a period of rehabilitation before having to return to work. There is a host of arrangements and benefits for you to choose from in the marketplace, and we can guide you through the options available to help select the right plan.


Catastrophe cover

This cover encompasses all areas of personal and health protection. Catastrophe is defined as a sudden, extensive, or notable disaster or misfortune. If you’re looking to protect your finances from such events, then our advisers can tailor a solution for you. We will be delighted to discuss the process involved and provide a recommendation which meets your requirements.