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Later Life

Saving or investing in your future should undoubtedly play an important part in your retirement strategy. However, it isn’t always clear how much you should contribute in order to reach your desired level of income. Our advisers at JDP can assist, providing you with a tailored solution which lays the financial foundation for your later years.

Income targeting

Contributions alone are often insufficient to achieve your desired retirement income. Indeed, a flexibility of income choices is often required. Here, JDP can assist via income targeting, which may include a number of tax efficient investment vehicles (again, with tax and flexibility at their core).

Funding options

Maybe you or a loved one is about to move into a Care Home. Or perhaps you wish to plan for this possibility. In both cases, the cost of care will vary, and it also continues to rise. It is vital to ensure your assets are managed in an efficient manner to provide the required income.

At JDP, we put strategies in place which use existing investments to provide income. In addition, we can recommend cash reserves be used as another route, funding plans which will give a tax-free income throughout the remainder of your life.

JDP can help to put these strategies in place, and we are available to review them with you on a regular basis. Please be aware that without the correct advice, you run the risk of running out of money.

Long term care

The cost of Care accommodation is alarmingly high, and can have a detrimental effect on your wealth. It is therefore crucially important that you seek the right advice.

If you’re looking to fund your Care Home accommodation, JDP has extensive knowledge in helping clients whilst seeking to minimise the effect on capital.

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Asset preservation

Without careful planning, the costs of Long Term Care can wipe out your entire capital. (Remember, you must pay until you are left with only £21,500). This asset erosion includes the family home, although not if a dependent relative is in residence.

JDP can devise a strategy which can minimise any capital erosion. This involves conducting an assessment of your assets to determine which funds can be left to your dependents and beneficiaries.