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Pension Planning

If you are struggling to keep up with changes to pensions, rest assured. Our advisers are a safe and knowledgeable pair of hands, ensuring you are in the right funds for your attitude towards risk. We can also help you to address the matter of how you should draw the benefits, as well as the implications of doing so.

Pension options

A range of tax planning options is available regarding pensions. Many of these are unheard of within mainstream advice, but one example would be a Family Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). Here, assets could pass to your children without the inheritance tax liability usually associated with such a transaction.

Another typically worthwhile route is to make use of the Open Market Option. This involves assessing which of the numerous annuity providers is prepared to pay you the highest income.

At JDP, you can be confident that any advice we provide will have flexibility and tax efficiency running through its core. Your pension plan will be tailored to your situation, with your needs and goals firmly in mind.

Income targeting

Saving or investing for your later years is generally agreed to be a sound strategy. However, when it comes to achieving our desired retirement income, most of us want to know what kind of contributions are necessary.

Furthermore, a flexibility of income choices is often required. In this respect, JDP can help through income targeting. This may include a number of tax efficient investment vehicles, again, with tax and flexibility at their core.

Impaired life annuities

Many of us are not fortunate enough to be in perfect health. For those in this situation, an enhancement to income via an annuity may be possible.

If you have reached the point where an income from your pension pot is necessary, one aspect of buying an annuity should not be overlooked. Establishing if an enhanced rate is available is a worthwhile exercise. Remember, once the annuity has been purchased it cannot be changed in the future.


Pension consolidation

When you have worked over the course of a lifetime, it is not unusual for a number of pension arrangements to have been accrued. Making sense of the implications for your future income can be difficult, especially when you are managing several plans at once.

The flexibility, cost and fund choices can vary considerably from one provider to the next. Sadly, all too often a pension owner realises they could have achieved a more positive result, if only they had reviewed their pension plans earlier. JDP can help you navigate through this subject, providing tailored solutions and highlighting areas you should be aware of.