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Wealth Management

Are you concerned that you may be losing income, Capital Gains or Inheritance to tax unnecessarily? Without the right advice, we often miss important planning opportunities or act too late. At JDP we can advise you on how to mitigate your tax position, enabling you to enjoy more of your own wealth.

Inheritance tax

None of us really want to give 40% to the Chancellor on death. After all, we may require this capital later in life. However, few of us know what we can actively do to mitigate this tax. Fortunately, there are planning opportunities to address these issues.

Our advisers at JDP can create a bespoke IHT solution to suit your requirements. This starts by establishing the size of the liability. From there, we can determine which of your assets can be sheltered without losing control of them.

It will be important for us to liaise with your Lawyers to ensure your Wills are correct. Where appropriate, we will also look to include Trusts so that assets can be sheltered on death.

Once your financial plan is in place we review your Inheritance Tax strategies on a regular basis, ensuring continued suitability and minimising your IHT liability.

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Tax migation

A famous man once said that the two certainties in life are death and taxes. Whilst this truth is undesirable (to say the least), strategies do exist which can be used to mitigate the amount you need to pay in tax.

Over the years JDP has helped clients reduce their tax burden through numerous planning opportunities. This is particularly important as the taxation system becomes more complex. The plans we help you put in place are designed to be reviewed regularly so changes can be made if required.

Please note tax planning and advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Income generation

Additional income is always welcome, especially if you don’t have to pay extra tax. Fortunately, our advisers can achieve this using a range of different methods.

One solution is to move assets to more efficient income producing areas. Another strategy is to use a spouse’s tax allowance and tax efficient investments. Producing more income in retirement can also help.

Knowing which approaches work and how they interact is a complex matter. At JDP, we discuss your objectives with you and then create a tailored plan to meet them. From here, the process is to review your strategy at regular intervals to make sure you are on track. If circumstances change we will be there to help you alter your plans.